Today is the final day for build transfer application. Please pass the news along to others. If you have any issues please contact a staff member ASAP. The thread will close after 12am PST. Any application received after that time frame will not be accepted. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR APPLICATION IS CORRECT AND ADHERES TO THE LIMITS OF A EMERALD PROTECTION ZONE. 

-OnePeace Staff-

UPDATE 1.13 IS HERE !!!!!!!!!!!

Hdjmann Admin posted Jul 26, 18

We are all excited that the long-awaited update is finally here! The staff of OnePeace are ready to get the server up and running on 1.13. For now, we encourage our players to prepare! We are allowing limited build transfers to the new map. We have made an application for this process so that it will be smooth and efficient for all. The application will be posted in the Forums. Please follow the instructions and details on the application. If you have issues/questions please contact a staff member quickly, as the time to submit your application is short. We suggest you plan accordingly to avoid you not being able to have your build moved. The deadline for having your application submitted is August 1st

Build Transfer Application

Applications submitted AFTER the deadline will not be accepted. There are specific details outlined on the application, as well as information you need to provide to make this as smooth as possible. Please pass this information along to friends and other players so that we all have a fair opportunity at moving builds. Please contact staff ASAP with any issues or questions. Thank you!   -OnePeace Staff-