Hades909 Owner posted Aug 12, 18

Today one of our old staff member’s/veteran of the One Peace Community passed away unexpectedly. Cory also known as CV was a big part of the start of One Peace. He joined in 2013 the second month of the server being open. For anyone who knew CV, would remember he was really competitive and loved his PVP. He was the type of person who stuck up for his friends and was honest with anyone who talked to him. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. For anyone who wants to write somthing on his Enjin profile page you can click HERE


Cory Frates

IssuedOut R.I.P
mhayes87 We should do something for cv. How about we all meet up on the server next weekend and party like it’s 2013!? Such...
Captain Muffenz Put some of his well known or greatest builds in a sort of memorial so one peace will always remember him.

Update on the Update!!!!!!

Hdjmann Admin posted Aug 2, 18

We here at OnePeace know that all of our players are excited about the recent update. We are excited as well, but as with any update, things dont always go according to plan. We have started a test world so  that we can fully see how things are affected and to make sure everything will work properly, The bad news is we may not be updating for two weeks or so due to certian plugins not being updated as of yet. Now this is a good thing for some so they can dail back the packing up for a bit. This will help some players as well those that haven't been on the chance to get ready for the move. As always if you guys have any questions please ask a staff member.


-OnePeace Staff- 

Hdjmann Admin the things you did were your decision. We simply stated to get your application if for build transfer and how to prepare...
Sentinela7 what means "dail back"? well, the question persist... will the server update in the future? kinda of.....