The March Update

KatTheCrafter Admin posted Mar 1, 18

Spring is arriving, and this is the fun time of year when new things get released into the world.. More of those adorable little Leprechauns spilling their gold, fun new Monthly Heads are available and... did someone say the Admin Shop is back? Oh yes we did! But wait, there's more!

The secret is out, and you definitely need to visit the new OnePeace Downtown area - a sleek modern city with skyscrapers, streets, parks, a stadium and much, too much to write about here - it's definitely worth a visit, and trust me, you'll be back again and again! Take the taxi to /warp Adminshop and begin your urban exploration today! 

What's a city if you can't work and live in it? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Forget the Mall... Now you can sell your own goods and have a store up-and-running in no time, in one of the brand-new, beautiful Player Shops located in the heart of Downtown. Step up your game and give yourself an urban presence in the trendy, modern shop spaces ready and waiting for you! **Rental information is available 24/7 near the entrance to the Admin Shop** Pick up a book and get started today!

As you explore Downtown, you may discover some of the apartment buildings used by OnePeace Staff. No more simple beds at Spawn - now all your favorite staff members have their own apartments to decorate and enjoy, for you to visit! But as you know, our server is all about our players - and that's why we're bringing these Staff perks to you! Coming soon, players will have access to their own Downtown apartments and condos. Worry-free living in a clean, tastefully landscaped, modern city. Watch for updates! 

And for you treasure-hunters, we've got great news! The very collectible Leprechaun Hat and magically-enchanted Leprechaun Wand can be yours this month with any donation of $25 or more in the OnePeace Shop. 

Get your green on, and may the Luck of the Irish be yours this month on OnePeace!

This month, we're sharing the love on OnePeace with the return of Cupid, spreading happiness and fun around the server! 


When you see Cupid, you may be asked to play a game. Several special chests will spawn. Click them to win prizes, with a chance to win the rare Cupid Crown! Can't wait to bring home the fun? Players who donate $25 or more in February will receive an extra-special gift - the Cupid Bow! Spread some Valentine's Love the way Cupid does, with this fun, collectible treasure!

February Top Voters will also be rewarded with custom Cupid items, as well as Spawners, God-Tools, McMMO skill points, Custom Heads and more! (It's also a great way to earn in-game cash!) Get your name noticed! Click Here to Vote!

Can't see the custom mobs and items? Grab the Official OnePeace Texture Pack! To make it easy, check out Statss' Guide to Installing the OnePeace Texture Pack on YouTube. There is also a text-only version of the installation instructions here.

Happy Valentine's - and Happy February! See you on OnePeace!

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