The 1.13 Update

KatTheCrafter Admin posted Apr 2, 18

Hello again! 

Many of you have been wondering and asking about the new 1.13 Update, and how it will affect you.

  • What is the 1.13 Update?
  • What new features will it include?
  • Will there be a World Reset?

1.13 is an upcoming major update planned to be released in Q2 2018. This version will be the implementation of the Update Aquatic, which will focus on water and ocean-related content, bug fixes, technical features, and optimization.

Additions in the 1.13 Update will include new biomes, new enchants, underwater caves and things like the Phantom, Tridents, Dolphins, Shipwrecks, Underwater Ruins, Buried Treasure, Turtles, Icebergs and of course, The Drowned.

  • Several other updates are also included:
    • Trapdoors, pressure plates, and buttons for the other 5 types of wood besides oak
    • 10 types of coral, 5 types of coral plants, and 5 types of coral fans
    • Kelp
    • Dried kelp block
    • Sea grass
    • Turtle eggs
    • Stripped logs
    • Bubble columns, created by magma blocks or soul sand in water
    • Prismarine stairs and slabs

OnePeace is anxiously awaiting the 1.13 Update and we are, of course, excited for you to experience all the new features it brings! Although 1.13 is considered a major update, we are not anticipating a world reset at this time. Our last map reset occurred less than two years ago, for the 1.11 Exploration Update, which brought Woodland Mansions, Shulkers, Observer Blocks and a variety of new mobs to the game. Should it be deemed necessary to roll out a new world for the 1.13 Update, we will let you know. However, at this time, we believe the current OnePeace map should be able to accommodate most of the 1.13 content without any significant change.

See you in OnePeace, and as always, Happy Gaming!

sabalwulf Punkrocks no the map has not been reset. Like the post said out last reset was about 2 years ago. And at this time we ar...
punkrocks_rules I haven’t been on lately due to depression... has the map been reset...?
Sentinela7 awesome!

The March Update

KatTheCrafter Admin posted Mar 1, 18

Spring is arriving, and this is the fun time of year when new things get released into the world.. More of those adorable little Leprechauns spilling their gold, fun new Monthly Heads are available and... did someone say the Admin Shop is back? Oh yes we did! But wait, there's more!

The secret is out, and you definitely need to visit the new OnePeace Downtown area - a sleek modern city with skyscrapers, streets, parks, a stadium and much, too much to write about here - it's definitely worth a visit, and trust me, you'll be back again and again! Take the taxi to /warp Adminshop and begin your urban exploration today! 

What's a city if you can't work and live in it? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Forget the Mall... Now you can sell your own goods and have a store up-and-running in no time, in one of the brand-new, beautiful Player Shops located in the heart of Downtown. Step up your game and give yourself an urban presence in the trendy, modern shop spaces ready and waiting for you! **Rental information is available 24/7 near the entrance to the Admin Shop** Pick up a book and get started today!

As you explore Downtown, you may discover some of the apartment buildings used by OnePeace Staff. No more simple beds at Spawn - now all your favorite staff members have their own apartments to decorate and enjoy, for you to visit! But as you know, our server is all about our players - and that's why we're bringing these Staff perks to you! Coming soon, players will have access to their own Downtown apartments and condos. Worry-free living in a clean, tastefully landscaped, modern city. Watch for updates! 

And for you treasure-hunters, we've got great news! The very collectible Leprechaun Hat and magically-enchanted Leprechaun Wand can be yours this month with any donation of $25 or more in the OnePeace Shop. 

Get your green on, and may the Luck of the Irish be yours this month on OnePeace!