One Peace 6th Year Anniversary!

By Hades Owner - Posted Dec 14, 18

One Peace 6th Year Anniversary

Hello everyone! We have made it six years as of this weekend!
One Peace has been such a big part of my life, and I can’t tell all of you how happy I am to see that the community is still here playing on the server. Even though we do not have as many people as we use to in game, everyone keeps in touch over discord. It has been fun meeting new community members and talking to veterans who pop back in every now and then.  With out any of you there would be no One Peace. So, thank you for being part of our community. I would like to also have a shout out to the staff and thank them for all the hard work they do with keeping the server running as smooth as possible when I am not around to do so. Minecraft eventually will die out over the years, but I hope we are all still part of this community and move on to the next big adventure game together! As for now though, Minecraft is not going anywhere soon, and all of us still have a good time playing it. So, for the anniversary of the server We will have a lot going on to keep everyone busy and to get involved with lots of fun events.  For starters everything in the donation shop will be 30% OFF everything all weekend. No code needed.   We will also be giving away $180.00 worth of prizes on Saturday! Read below for details! 

One Peace Memorable Moments:
In discord you will notice we added a channel to post photos you may of taken  in the past of builds or fun memorable times you had on the server.  So be sure to share the best memories you got! you may post a photo or type some thing up to share. We can't wait to see what everyone writes.

Christmas Town Update:

In the Christmas Town You will be able to trade in hats or tokens you did not want for more snow ball tokens to get what you do want. Also There will be more amiibos hidden!  So keep your eye out for more amiibos to rock on your shoulder.

Event Schedule

12:00pm EST to 12:30pm EST – HotFoot Event
Prize: god item, Spawner, or rank upgrade (Elites are included)
Hosted by: Hades

1:00pm EST to 2:00pm EST – Michal Myers Event
Prize: god item, Spawner, or three 250k Mcmmo boxes
Hosted by: Sabalwolf

3:00pm EST to 3:30pm EST HotFoot Event
Prize: god item, Spawner, or rank upgrade (Elites are included)
Hosted by: Hades
3:30pm EST to 4:30pm EST – Splash or Splat Event
Prize: god item, Spawner, or rank upgrade (Elites are included)
Hosted by: Hades
(discord required for this game)

5pm EST to 7pm EST – Rocket league Tournament  1v1
Just join discord at 5pm EST to be part of the Tournament
Prize: $50.00 steam gift card
Hosted by: Hades
(discord required for this game)

7:00pm EST to 8:00pm EST –  One Peace Staff Secret Santa
Prize: The box of coal your Secret Santa got you!
Hosted by: The One Peace Staff Team

8:00pm EST to Midnight Discord Karaoke Party!
Prize: Anyone who sings gets a spawner or god item of their choice.
(only one Prize per person)

Hosted by: MrMagicBlox
(discord required for this event)