December Hoopla!

By Hades Owner - Posted Dec 1, 18

One Peace Holiday Update

Server Resource Pack

Today we have brought back one of the main attractions to One Peace. We have brought back the custom items and mobs! How is this possible in Minecraft you may be asking? Simple, we have our own home-made Resource Pack that overlays your Minecraft client. Some questions you may have are listed below.

How do I get the Resource Pack?
Just make sure you have Server Resource Packs set to ENABLED EXAMPLE HERE

Will this break my other Resource Pack that I am using?
No this will not change anything of your current Resource Pack, or default Minecraft. It simply adds items and mobs.

I keep crashing when trying to join the server, HELP!
Don’t panic! Simple fix, if this happens every time you login, turn off Server Resource Packs setting. EXAMPLE HERE and just download the pack manually. Resource Pack

If I choose not to use the pack?
If you choose not to use it, then you won’t see any of the cool custom items and some mobs we have added to the game. Overall, this won’t affect your gameplay, but will affect your full experience of the server.

I still have questions about the pack where can I ask these?
You can ask a Staff member, or you can post your questions or concerns to the forums.

Christmas Town Event!

The Christmas Town is back with a whole lot of changes! Not only have we added a whole new section to the Christmas Town, but we have also added a full list of custom holiday mobs this year. Each mob has unique drops and rare collectables to show off to the community. On top of that, we have brought back the traditional scavenger hunt for the amiibos. This year, we have a total of 75 amiibos to find and collect.

How do I get to the Christmas Town?
December 1st at midnight, the warp will open to the public for the whole month of December.
“/warp NorthPole”

What Mobs will I see In the Christmas Town?
You will find Polar Bears, Elfs, Gingerbread Men, Yetis, The Grinch, Princess Elsa, and more!

What is a Snowball Token?
A Snowball token is used to trade in for amiibos hidden around the Christmas Town world.

What Amiibos am I able to find this year?
This year is Veteran Themed. We did our best to contact all the Veterans of One Peace to have them take time to create their amiibo for players to collect them in game. You will also be able to collect current staff amiibos, and One Piece anime themed amiibos around the world.

Why do some Amiibos require an additional token?
Veteran, One Piece, and Rondo’s new Amiibo will require an additional token to make the challenge a bit more interactive and encourage players to kill all the mobs.

Why does Rondo get a new amiibo every year?
Rondo gets a new amiibo each year because he was the first amiibo created on One Peace!

What do the custom mobs drop in the Christmas Town?
You can find what each mob drops “HERE”

If I die will I lose my items?
No, Keep inventory is enabled in this event area.

Christmas Crackers & Santa Hats 

Christmas Crackers are back and are full of new items you can share with your friends! The crackers are available in the donation shop for the entire month. In order to use your Christmas Cracker, you must go up to another player and crack it over their head. You and the player you cracked the Cracker with will receive random items. The items in Christmas Cracker are random, with a chance at getting Holiday scarfs to keep warm, and Party Hats for the new year! In addition to the Christmas Crackers, we will also have Santa hats you can get if you donate $50 or more in the shop this month.

Build Contest & Top Voter

The build contest this month is anything you want to build! We want to see the best work you can do. The build must be built this month and contain at least 500 blocks minimum. There is no limit to what you can build as long as it follows the rules of the server. Builds must be done and submitted by the 23rd of December. Voting for the contest will end on the 31st. As always, the top voters of the month will receive the same prizes as the build contest winners this month. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us on discord, or post to the forums!

Prizes for the build contest & Top Voter

First Place:
Rank Upgrade (not for Elite2 rank) Plus 2nd and 3rd Place Prizes!

Second Place:
Custom item from this month of your choice & 10 monthly heads of your choice Plus 3rd place prizes

Third Place:
God item or Spawner of your choice

Old Custom Items

If you played on the 1.12 server and donated for custom items or earned them, please login to the old server and take a screen shot of the items in a chest of the ones you want brought over to the 1.13 server. Please try to limit it to one or two double chest full of items. you can post your screenshots Here. Once posted, an admin will help you recover your old cosmetic items.

Twitch Streamer Promotion!

This month we are running a promotion with Twitch Streamer LessGains! He will be streaming throughout the week on the server to help promote One Peace. Please make him and his followers feel welcomed on the server and be sure to check out his stream! You can check out his Channel HERE! On top of that we will be running a 10% OFF Code in the donation shop throughout the whole month. You only can use this code once, so be sure to use it wisely!

10% OFF Promotion Code: LESSGAINS

I know this was a lot to take in this month, but I hope everyone enjoys all the new content we added this month for everyone to engage in. Lastly, the Nether and the End have been reset too! If you killed the Ender Dragon and got the egg last month, let someone else do it this time! Other than that, enjoy One Peace’s Holiday season! Oh I almost forgot! Villager Spawners are back in action!

- Hades & The One Peace Staff Team