One Peace 1.13 is HERE!

By Hades Owner - Posted Sep 25, 18

One Peace 1.13


One Peace 1.13 Info:

After a long few weeks of hard work, the wait is over! One Peace will be updated to 1.13 on October 6th at 2pm EST! As we stated in the past few months, this will be a new server. Besides donation rank, everyone will be starting fresh. Currently the only thing we are able to bring over from 1.12 are users' head collection. Heads will be collectible on request when you are ready to receive them in game. We will not be not moving over people's builds at this time, but we will revisit this in a few months. We will not be moving over people’s items. The only items we will be moving over is custom items when we have support to do so. Keep in mind not all plugins have been updated to 1.13, so some things might be disabled for the first few weeks. Donation perks will be adjusted to in the next coming months as well to be up to date with the new server. When we open the new server, fly will be disabled for the first week to help prevent lag from the Elite ranks exploring the world. Lastly, if you have any questions feel free to ask at any time. Other than that, can’t wait to see everyone in the new world

 October Info:

This Month, we will be having our first 1.13 build contest! Because it is October and the new update is water themed, the build contest will be Ghost Ships! Because everyone will be starting fresh on this map, you will have all month to get the build submitted by the 31st of October. You may enter the contest by your self or with a group of  friends. Voting for the build contest will go into the first week of November to determine the winners. On top of a build contest, Top Voter contest will be running as well! Please Vote daily for the server as it will drive new people to join the community. Lastly, we will be doing a 25% off of everything in the donation shop to kick off the fresh new month!

Build Contest Info: 

1st  Place Prizes: Rank upgrade and 2nd & 3rd place prizes.
2nd Place Prizes: Two Mob spawners of your Choice & 3rd place prize.
3rd Place Prizes: Two 500k Mcmmo XP boxes.

Top Voter Contest Info:

1st  Place Prizes: Rank upgrade and 2nd & 3rd place prizes.
2nd Place Prizes: Next month's head selection and 3rd place prizes.
3rd Place Prizes: Bragging rights and a spawner of your choice.

Discount Code:

25% OFF CODE: OP2018

Other than that, can’t wait to see everyone in the new world!

- Hades