The 1.13 Update

By KatTheCrafter Admin - Posted Apr 2, 18

Hello again! 

Many of you have been wondering and asking about the new 1.13 Update, and how it will affect you.

  • What is the 1.13 Update?
  • What new features will it include?
  • Will there be a World Reset?

1.13 is an upcoming major update planned to be released in Q2 2018. This version will be the implementation of the Update Aquatic, which will focus on water and ocean-related content, bug fixes, technical features, and optimization.

Additions in the 1.13 Update will include new biomes, new enchants, underwater caves and things like the Phantom, Tridents, Dolphins, Shipwrecks, Underwater Ruins, Buried Treasure, Turtles, Icebergs and of course, The Drowned.

  • Several other updates are also included:
    • Trapdoors, pressure plates, and buttons for the other 5 types of wood besides oak
    • 10 types of coral, 5 types of coral plants, and 5 types of coral fans
    • Kelp
    • Dried kelp block
    • Sea grass
    • Turtle eggs
    • Stripped logs
    • Bubble columns, created by magma blocks or soul sand in water
    • Prismarine stairs and slabs

OnePeace is anxiously awaiting the 1.13 Update and we are, of course, excited for you to experience all the new features it brings! Although 1.13 is considered a major update, we are not anticipating a world reset at this time. Our last map reset occurred less than two years ago, for the 1.11 Exploration Update, which brought Woodland Mansions, Shulkers, Observer Blocks and a variety of new mobs to the game. Should it be deemed necessary to roll out a new world for the 1.13 Update, we will let you know. However, at this time, we believe the current OnePeace map should be able to accommodate most of the 1.13 content without any significant change.

See you in OnePeace, and as always, Happy Gaming!