February is for Valentines' Fun!

By KatTheCrafter Admin - Posted Feb 6, 18

This month, we're sharing the love on OnePeace with the return of Cupid, spreading happiness and fun around the server! 


When you see Cupid, you may be asked to play a game. Several special chests will spawn. Click them to win prizes, with a chance to win the rare Cupid Crown! Can't wait to bring home the fun? Players who donate $25 or more in February will receive an extra-special gift - the Cupid Bow! Spread some Valentine's Love the way Cupid does, with this fun, collectible treasure!

February Top Voters will also be rewarded with custom Cupid items, as well as Spawners, God-Tools, McMMO skill points, Custom Heads and more! (It's also a great way to earn in-game cash!) Get your name noticed! Click Here to Vote!

Can't see the custom mobs and items? Grab the Official OnePeace Texture Pack! To make it easy, check out Statss' Guide to Installing the OnePeace Texture Pack on YouTube. There is also a text-only version of the installation instructions here.

Happy Valentine's - and Happy February! See you on OnePeace!