De(s)cember is here!

By Des Owner - Posted Dec 1, 17

It's that time of year again, Descember is upon us. Time to bring out the comfy clothes, hot chocolate, and to decorate the house with the brightest lights you can find! To kick off this month we're bringing back last year's favorite Christmas Town. Which you can get to with /Warp ChristmasTown. Like any third Pokémon game it returns mostly the same with some new additions sprinkled in.

And once again for a limited time! The staff amiibos are back! With the list of available amiibos being only current staff members. As well as some special ones from One Piece thrown into the mix, and due to the ever change list of staff members make sure to collect 'em all! The amiibos are farmable by hunting for Polar Bears and trading with certain residents of Christmas Town.

Next off is this month's Build Contest. So get out your shovels and gloves as it's

Snow Forts!

All standard build contest rules apply - builds must contain at least 500 blocks, must be built in survival, of your own creation, and may only contain pixel art if the build meets the block requirement without it (the majority of your build must NOT be pixel art). The usage of Schematica is not allowed! Even for the recreation of an original build. Upload up to 2 screenshots of your build to the Gallery, and be sure to comment on your picture with your ingame name by December 23th at 12am CST.  Prizes are as follows 

1st place - Rank upgrade (for VIP3 and below only), 2 god tools, 2 spawners, 200k McMMO XP

2nd place - 2 god tool OR 2 spawner, and 150k McMMO XP

3rd place - Choice of (1) God tool, spawner, 125k McMMO XP

That's all for now! Have a great month, happy holidays, and stay toasty!

~The One Peace Staff