November Is Here!

By Hades Owner - Posted Nov 28, 17

Before we get into the month of November I would like to thank everyone for their generosity with last month’s donations. We paid for an expensive ad last month to bring new users in to join our One Peace family. I am happy to say the ad worked quite nicely because we gained so many new community members. So, if you are new to One Peace, we the One Peace staff & community welcome you. We hope you have the best survival experience and enjoy our custom features!


November is here! This month we plan to run the Halloween special a bit longer because it was put in so late. We are still working on the skeleton raid boss and plan to get that out this month. For everyone who was excited for the raid boss he is still coming and will hopefully be out soon. This month’s build contest will be...

Hot Air Balloons!

 Be sure to use a minimum of 500 blocks to build your balloon and as always, all builds must be done in survival and of your creation. You are welcome to team up friends and submit a creation together.


1st place - Rank upgrade (for VIP3 and below only), 2 god tools, 2 spawners, 200k McMMO XP, and 1 Robin Hood Hat

2nd place - 2 god tool OR 2 spawner, and 150k McMMO XP

3rd place - Choice of (1) God tool, spawner, 125k McMMO XP

We are also introducing a new collectable hat for the month that comes in three colors!

Robin Hood Hats!

Spend up to $25.00 in the donation shop this month to pick one of these cool looking hats!

These hats are only available through November so be quick!

That's all for now!  Have a great month!

-The One Peace Team