April Lets play some Minecraft!

Hades909 Owner posted Apr 3, 19

Monthly Build Contest

April is here and to kick off the new month, we will have an April classic build contest! The build contest of the month is going to be Easter Baskets. You can make/design your basket to look or be anything you want, and the basket just needs to contain goodies in it. It is your job to take these requirements and to turn it into one cool Easter fun basket. All builds must be submitted by the 25th of April. Voting will go up on the 26th until the end of April.
Submit your build Here

Build contest Rewards

1st Place: Custom bunnie ears, Rank upgrade (all ranks) or $50 for the donation shop and 2nd/3rd place prizes
2nd Place: God item or spawner of choice and custom bunnie ears
3rd Place: God Item or Spawner

Monthly Spanwers 

The Monthly Spawners at spawn have been updated as well!  You can now get Wolf, Rabbit, Slime, and Creeper.

Custom Item of the month

Any donation of $25.00 or more will get you the custom bunnie ears. we have regular ears and we also have ther energizer bunnies ears!

Nether & End Reset

As always, the Nether and End will be reset on the 15th of the month.  

Build Team Update

Another thing I would like to touch base on is the build team. We are currently in the process of rebuilding the team to push out more arena content for the community- we should have more on that posted on the discord later this month.

Discord News

Speaking of discord… We have a new feature coming to discord! We will be adding a donation bot to the discord. These donations are going to be used to help us support and host new games on game night on discord. Yes you heard it, once a week we will be hosting game night on discord where we will be able to host games you normally would only be able to play if you buy it. However, with a new fancy tool called Parsec, you do not have to buy the game or download it, just connect to our parsec server on game night, and play with everyone in the channel! Game nights will be announced on discord each week of what day and time it will be on. If it gets popular enough, we will host on multiple nights and multiple times. 

Server Bugs

Lastly, I would like to thank the users who have been finding bugs in game and reporting them. Keep up the good work and keep reporting them! I will continue to fix the bugs I am aware of and continue to push fixes and updates on each one.  Anyways if you have any questions

Custom Item Transfers
This month we will be focusing on getting everyone’s custom items moved over and shutting down the 1.12 server. If you still need to get your heads transferred over and to take a screen shot of your custom items. Please message Des or I so we can turn the 1.12 server online for you to take care of what you need to do. In order to get your heads or custom items on the 1.13 server please message Des, me, Admin, or S-Mod to help you receive your items. 

Say goodbye to the Christmas Town!

Sunday the 3rd, the Christmas town & crackers will be taken down until next December. 

Nether & End
The Nether and End will be reseting on the 15th after this month they will return to reseting on the 1st.

Donation Shop Sale!
Lastly the donationshop will have a 30% off sale on everything in the shop!

- Hades