Get Ready... It's Coming!

KatTheCrafter Admin posted Sep 8, 18

For those who've been wondering, and waiting (and waiting some more...) OnePeace 1.13 is coming! Perhaps not the way any of us had expected, but as most of us realize, Minecraft version 1.13 literally changed absolutely everything! Many of the things that make OnePeace what it is, are not currently compatible with 1.13 - and that's caused no end of delay and frustration for both players and staff alike. So, in the interest of getting everyone on a stable 1.13 server as soon as possible with the least amount of hassle, we've had to make some difficult decisions which will affect everyone.

  1. It is NOT possible to convert the current 1.12.2 server to 1.13. Some of you may be thinking, "No! You just have to download the file, convert to Singleplayer and..." but at 60Gb, that simply will not work. There are NO stable world-converters, and 100% of our custom items would immediately break if we attempted such a thing. So, we will be launching a brand-new, smells-like-new-chips, 1.13 server. (The current 1.12 server will remain online and maintained until the following two items are satisfied.) 
  2. Many of our current plugins (for example, PreciousStones protection, SignShop, MyPets and a few others) are currently incompatible with 1.13. Further, some plugins are simply no longer being maintained by their developers. For that reason, we will be introducing new or different plugins to OnePeace. Some, you may have used elsewhere. Others may be new to all of us. The goal is to get the basics covered as our regular players return and new players join. Things like Homes, Warps, Protection, etc., will be prioritzied. More features will be added to bring that old familiar feel to a brand-new OnePeace, as stable, compatible options become available.
  3. You can't take it with you.... Yet. This one is hugely important, so read carefully! Many players have paid real money for custom, in-game items which will not be available in 1.13 until we have had time to re-code them. Currently, OnePeace has over 1,100 custom items. Every single one of them will need to be updated by hand to be compatible with the way 1.13 identifies things. So, our goal is to make the custom items available again - you'll just need to be patient, as this is a huge undertaking.

What about my builds?" The truth is, we don't know - yet. Yes, a lot of hype was made about this very topic. However, this single aspect may be significantly more difficult and time-consuming than any of us had expected. While technically possible (though massively unreliable) we are putting priority on inventories and real-money items, and will address build-move activities specifically, at a later date. 

"What about my in-game balance? Or my McMMO stats? What about my XP? What about my rank?" Player account balances, XP and McMMO will likely be reset, as we're all taking an entirely new direction, starting on equal terms in a brand-new world, and the complication of carrying additional information from one server to another, on top of all the other behind-the-scenes work, would be asking a lot. That said, we're still discussing the option. In the event we can easily do it, we will. Otherwise, it's a fresh start for everyone.

So, in summary, OnePeace 1.13 is just around the corner! It will be a totally new world for you to explore, with new plugins and features to learn. Custom items will come along, as we are able to code them. We're extremely eager to get this project to a point where we can welcome you to a new and beautiful version of OnePeace!

Barring any additional unforseen circumstances, we expect to open the doors to our new server by the end of September! There is a LOT of work to do between now and then, but we sincerely hope the end result - an exciting new world for OnePeace - will be worth the wait!

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Hades909 Owner posted Aug 12, 18

Today one of our old staff member’s/veteran of the One Peace Community passed away unexpectedly. Cory also known as CV was a big part of the start of One Peace. He joined in 2013 the second month of the server being open. For anyone who knew CV, would remember he was really competitive and loved his PVP. He was the type of person who stuck up for his friends and was honest with anyone who talked to him. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. For anyone who wants to write somthing on his Enjin profile page you can click HERE


Cory Frates

IssuedOut R.I.P
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Captain Muffenz Put some of his well known or greatest builds in a sort of memorial so one peace will always remember him.