Americans have traditions and holidays for all sorts of things - sometimes somber, sometimes joyful, but on July 4th, we'll be celebrating Independence Day (no calculator handy, but I think 2018 marks our 242nd year...) so with certainty, there will be celebrations and gatherings, games, festivities, parades, corn on the cob, red, white and blue EVERYTHING and of course, everyone's favorite night-time celebration, FIREWORKS!!

Our very own Lollipopkin has put together a fantastic, All-American collection of heads, in honor of the 4th of July - so I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see and collect them BEFORE the big day:

OnePeace July 2018 Heads Collection

This month's heads, in order are:

Top Row: Red, White Block, Navy, United States of America, Captain America, Firework Rocket (Red)

Mid Row: Firework Rocket (Blue), Baseball, Great Ball, Football, Aternos Logo, Fancy Cube (Black Striped)

Bottom Row: Squirrel, Eagle, Fancy Cube (Colored Squares), Emoticon (cyan), Eagle, Owl


KatTheCrafter Admin posted Jun 7, 18

Update: June 2018 -

From all of us at OnePeace, a heartfelt Congratulations, to the graduates of 2018! You've come a long way...

Summer is upon us, and we're all taking part in great outdoor games, hobbies and adventure... Days at the beach, evenings by campfire, and stories shared with our closest friends. There will be places to go, jobs to do, pictures to take, people to meet and preparations to be made for your upcoming school season, whether it be in that old familiar building, or a new college across the state, or across the country!

No matter what the summer will bring, OnePeace will be here - with all the places you love to visit, custom mobs to encounter, precious ores to gather, ideas to build, warps and attractions to explore, and of course, the familiar friends and adventure buddies, favorite staff members, mini-games and more!

We would love to be one of your Summer destinations! Several of our members enjoy night-time gaming, when the house is quiet. Some are morning-people and hop on when the sun rises. Others come on at random times throughout the day as their schedules permit. Whatever your best time is, you can be sure that there will always be a safe and friendly place for you and gamers of all ages, right here!

So when they ask, "What did YOU do this summer?" tell them about your fun activities out there in that great-big world, but be sure to mention, "I had an awesome time, getting together and playing with my friends on the OnePeace Minecraft community server!"

School is over... Let the adventure begin!

RainbowKitty43 @ Survival
love this server so much!!~