November Top Voters

Thank you to everyone who voted in October! Counts have been reset, and we have a new list of rewards!

November is that special month which reminds us of Thankfulness, and the owners and staff of OnePeace, are especially thankful for our players and the vibrant community they help create!

Top Voters in November will be rewarded as follows:

1st Place
$25 Credit in the Donation Shop
250k McMMO Chest
God Tool or Spawner of Your Choice

2nd Place
Choose any TWO of the 1st Place Rewards
PLUS $5,000 In-Game Cash

3rd Place
Choose any ONE of the 1st Place Rewards
PLUS $2500 In-Game Cash

As always, EVERY vote is a winner! Here's what you can receive daily:

Voter Keys - One key for each site you use. (Trade keys at Spawn for great gifts!)

Website Credits - Two credits for each site you use. (Use Credits in our Donation Shop!)

In-Game Cash - $100 per website. (That's $700 per day to spend any way you like!)