Let the Nightmare begin!

Desarpy Owner posted Oct 1, 17

Hey all you ghouls and goblins out there! It's that time of year again when skeletons rattle their bones and zombies rise from the grave. To start off for this month we're going to be running an advertisement for the entire month. Hopefully we will be getting a lot of new players. So make sure to be nice and welcoming these new players. 

Next thing's next while the voting for the previous contest is winding down.

You can get started on this month's spooky scary build contest which is going to be...

Spooky Jack 'o Lanterns

We thought it would be fun to see how players could create their own iconic carved out pumpkins. All per usual the standard Build Contest rules apply.The build must contain at least 1000 blocks, must be built in survival, and no pixel art unless your build meets the block requirement without it. Upload a maximum of 2 screenshots of your build to the Gallery by October 24th at 12am EST, and voting will take place afterwards. The prizes again are as follows

1st place - Rank upgrade (for VIP3 and below only), 2 god tools, 2 spawners, 200k McMMO XP, and 1 Frankenstein or Werewolf Mask

2nd place - 2 god tool OR 2 spawner, and 150k McMMO XP

3rd place - Choice of (1) God tool, spawner, 125k McMMO XP

As well for the entire month we're going to be running a special 50% off coupon code in the donation shop. Players who donate $20 will get either a Frankenstein or Werewolf Mask made by our own Admin Pink.

So make sure to use the following coupon code at checkout:


Next off we've got a brand new event for you guys! The Skeleton King will be rising from the grave to seek out vengeance.

He's a raid boss so make sure to take some friends with you! If your party manages to best him you'll be randomly rewarded with one of the many new custom items.

(He's still being worked on. We'll let you know when he's arisen)

Continuing with the trend of new content. There's new mobs roaming around. First off there's the Pumpkin Demon running around. Which you can play a mini-game with.

As well as zombiefied admins! Each with their own new respective sword that can drop, and like the other swords there's random attributes with each one!

Lastly if we reach our goal at least 50 people on the server at once we'll be giving away the 2016 Minecon Cape that we've been holding onto.

In order to enter for the give away make sure to vote every day and to be here on October 28th!

That's all for now! See you in game!

-Your loving spooky scary staff